Brought to you by a clinical and digital team who have extensive experience working in NHS Public Health and Mental Health services. MyGuvu is here to improve the wellbeing of individuals while addressing, first hand the disparity between what is needed and what is offered.

Offering services through 4 clear approaches of Talk, Connect, Express and Move. MyGuvu provides a booking and marketing platform and recruits highly experienced experts to provide services face to face, online or via the telephone.

Frustrated by the lack of jargon free online booking services for wellness, we have spent the last 8 months creating a website that offers users a clear,  journey through everyday problems and finding people who can help them solve them.

The one size fits all model does not work and MyGuvu helps people connect pieces of the health and wellbeing jigsaw together, allowing people to choose directly and book the wellbeing expert that uses an approach that suits them. In doing so MyGuvu gives the power back to people, who now have the knowledge to choose solutions that suit their needs.



Naomi and Megan met at university nearly thirteen years ago whilst studying Psychology. There, they united over a shared love of barbecues (with vegetarian options) and Liverpool’s Sefton Park.

Both Megan and Naomi are qualified mental health practitioners and have worked in healthcare services spanning the NHS, voluntary sector and small and medium enterprises over the past ten years. While Naomi developed her career in NHS Primary care, research and enterprise (and has spent the last year learned to code), Megan who is an artist and designer by background developed her clinical skills and qualified as an Accredited Art Psychotherapist.

‘We are both driven by creating businesses with a positive social impact and through our leadership roles we have learnt the best way to nurture the wellbeing of individuals. We are now bringing together a team of experienced and driven individuals who share our passion to reduce the impact of health inequalities and improve access to local high quality wellbeing services using digital technology.

First Name: Ngunan
Last Name: Adamu
First Name: Megan
Last Name: Charles
First Name: Stefan
Last Name: Pienkowski
First Name: Sarah
Last Name: Bradley
First Name: Emily
Last Name: Lawson